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What You Need to Know about Back Pain

Find World-Class Treatment Solutions for Your Back Pain at Our Spine Clinic in Jackson, MS

If you experience back pain, you’re not alone. Back pain is one of the most commonly reported causes of individuals missing days of work or needing to seek medical attention. The symptoms of back pain can range in severity, from a constant dull and achy pain to sudden and sharp sensations that radiate from the back. The pain can develop over time as you age due to conditions such as degenerative disc disease or begin immediately, as a result of an accident or direct action such as lifting an object that is too heavy. Shifting from a sedentary lifestyle to a rigorous and active one too quickly may also trigger back pain. If your back pain is associated with a specific activity and the symptoms go away within 72 hours with at-home care, it’s usually nothing to worry about. However, if the pain comes on gradually and remains chronic, contact your healthcare professional right away as this may signal a more serious condition.

The 4 Types of Back Pain

Most back pain occurs in the lower back and is commonly linked to the five vertebrae that make up the lumbar spine, which are responsible for supporting the majority of your upper body weight. Structural problems, including herniated discs, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis and abnormal curvatures of the spine, can lead to lower-back pain. Conversely, upper back pain can be caused by a number of other conditions such as spine inflammation, aorta disorders or tumors in the chest.

While there are several ways to categorize back pain, here is a closer look at two of the most common types:

  • Acute: Most cases of low back pain are acute. This type of back pain results in little to no residual loss of function and is short-term. Acute back pain is likely to resolve with self-care after a few days to a few weeks, however, some symptoms may take up to a few months to disappear.
  • Chronic Pain: Back pain that lasts for at least 12 weeks or longer, even after the initial cause of pain has been treated is known as chronic pain. About 20% of individuals with back pain will develop persistent symptoms. In most cases, this type of back pain can be successfully managed with medical or minimally invasive surgical treatment.
  • Mechanical Pain: This type of pain is usually localized in the lower back, buttocks and occasionally the top of your legs. Mechanical pain often comes from your facet joints, soft tissues, discs or vertebrae and is the most common type of lower back pain.
  • Radicular Pain: Back pain that travels to other parts of your body, particularly below the knee, is known as radicular pain. It often occurs when your spinal root becomes inflamed and affects one side of the body, potentially causing a range of sensations including numbness, weakness and sharp or electric-type pain.

Whether your back pain can be managed with conservative treatments or requires more advanced care, it’s important to get in touch with a board-certified neurosurgeon for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Since 1989, Dr. Lewis, a leading spine specialist from Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic, has successfully treated a variety of conditions relating to the brain and spine, including back pain. Using the latest diagnostic imaging tools and innovative neurosurgery techniques, Dr. Lewis can work closely with you to help manage your symptoms, while also reducing your risk of long-term damage and improving your quality of life.

Visit our state-of-the-art spine clinic in Jackson, MS to find relief for your condition. Contact us today at (601) 366-1011 to make an appointment for a consultation or request an appointment online. We’ll find a solution that works for you!