Percutaneous (Lateral) Approach

Percutaneous (Lateral) Approach to the SI Joint

Chronic lower back pain affects many individuals across the globe, so much so that it has become a public health epidemic. While there are several causes of lower back pain, sacroiliac (SI) joint disfunction is one of the main sources of this condition. To correct this problem, SI joint fusion can be performed by an experienced surgeon if other conservative methods of treatment fail to provide the patient with pain relief. One of the ways this minimally invasive surgery can be performed is through a percutaneous (lateral) approach, whereby the procedure is performed from the side of the body.

The Processes of a Percutaneous (Lateral) Approach

In recent years, minimally invasive percutaneous techniques have been developed to treat SI joint pain. Dr. Lewis has pioneered new implants and instruments for both the percutaneous and posterior SI joint fusion approaches.
Read on to learn more about the processes involved in a percutaneous approach:

  • Instrumentation which involves cages and screws, that may or may not include bone graft, are placed percutaneously, or laterally, through a small hole in order to successfully fuse the bone.
  • The entire procedure is performed through a percutaneous endoscopic approach.
  • This type of procedure is only considered when all other measures have been explored and do not provide pain relief.

The Benefits of a Percutaneous (Lateral) Approach

This surgical technique only requires a small hole through the skin to reach the affected area. Thus, this incision is able to heal much more quickly and easily than a surgical cut down. Here are some other benefits of a percutaneous approach:

  • Easily implant devices without relying on significant cut downs that can often be painful to recover from
  • Reduces the risk of post-procedural complications like excessive bleeding and infection
  • The small incision minimizes the risk of obvious scarring
  • Reduces the length of hospital stay

If you have questions about this type of surgical approach or any other spinal treatments, you need to talk to a qualified and experienced doctor at Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic. Dr. Lewis has over 20 years of experience, diagnosing and treating patients with various spine and brain conditions, helping them live a better life in the process. He has developed innovative techniques and specialized equipment for various surgical procedures and taught scores of other surgeons across the country in cadaveric laboratories and proctored surgeons in live cases. He has given lectures on the SI joint at a variety of scientific meetings.

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