Additional Testimonials


Delphine Edwards

Dr. Adam Lewis have been my neurologist for almost ten years. I love the way Dr.Adam Lewis takes time to listen to me and other patients. There are some doctors that will come in the patient room and do whatever needs to be done and tell the nurse how many months are weeks for your appointment. Dr. Lewis display a God fearing man, each time that I’ve had surgery he has always prayed that God would use his mind and hands to perform a successful surgery and a good recovery. God bless you Dr. Adam Lewis – Delphine Edwards

Kristen Bookman-Quetant

Dr Lewis and Kim restored my sanity and good health!! I suffered from a bit of a medical mystery and had been seeing my previous neurologist for close to a year without any answers. After one visit with Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic, Kim got me set up with testing and scans which she and Dr Lewis promptly reviewed and upon my follow up visit with them, I finally had the answers I was looking for. They took time with me and I felt completely at ease. They are amazing, compassionate, and brilliant. I will be forever grateful for Dr Lewis and Kim. – Kristen Bookman-Quetant

Leighanne Chisholm Leach

I love Dr Lewis an staff he does everything he can to help me an get me out of pain couldn’t ask for a better surgeon!! – Leighanne Chisholm Leach

Christopher Shawn Maddox

If you are tired of dealing with back pain or neck pain call the good people with jackson Neurosurgery clinic they will be happy to take your call my relationship with the Clinic & Dr Adam Lewis has been God sent I am a long term patient I have been very pleased with the service & treatment I have received I love Dr Lewis he is a wonderful Dr has help me & my wife in many ways Dr Adam Lewis was a great blessing to me when my father committed suicide 2 years ago he went from being a Dr to a friend to me help me throw that situation just over the years been a blessing to me I would highly recommend Dr Adam Lewis to my friends & family. – Christopher Shawn Maddox

Constance Moha Davis

Everyone there is so sweet and knows exactly what they are doing.would recommend this place to anyone. – Constance Moha Davis

Tammy Wilbanks

After years of pain from TriGeminal Neuralgia, Dr. Adam Lewis did surgery on me on June 29, 2016 and I am now pain free. He released me yesterday and I am back to work and learning to live my life without pain! Thank you to Dr. Lewis and all the staff that we interacted with at the clinic. – Tammy Wilbanks

Catheren Griffin

Dr Lewis is the best! I wud never allow another Dr 2 do this surgery. thanks Doc – Catheren Griffin

Heather Byrne

I highly recommend Dr Adam Lewis!! They have been a great help!! – Heather Byrne

Teresa Wiggins Taylor

Dr Lewis a very good bedside manner. Answered all out questions. Showed us the disk we had done on my daddy’s back and explained every little detail to us. Staff very accommodating and helpful.- Teresa Wiggins Taylor

Dorothy Martin

The wait time is not very long and the workers are very nice and cordial. – Dorothy Martin

Michelle Cole

Wonderful doctors and they have taken great care of mother in law and husband. – Michelle Cole

Baja 405

Have been using Dr Lewis for many years and will never go anywhere else. Caring to the point that he even comes to my house to check on me while I am under his care. Have not had a more compassionate and skilled Doctor. – Baja 405


Dr. Lewis did my back surgery in 2007 and glad he did. For over 15 years I suffered with back, neck, and leg pain. Pain treatment doctors would do epidurals as much as they could and did a lot of physical therapy. Since my surgery, none of this including pain medication is needed. I tell everyone about Doctor Lewis. I saw many back doctors during the 15 years of pain and Dr. Lewis was the best by far. If u want the best go see him. What a great dr. and a great man. Very accommodating Doctor and staff. Super Bedside manners. Dr. Lewis cares about his patients. Exceptional knowledge. Really took the time to understand my problem and fixed the problem when others said there was nothing that could be done. – Vitals


We could never thank you enough! We are convinced that you have been used by God to help Him get us through the “Storms of Life”, that surely come to us all! But, He can guide us through them, sometimes using the Gift he has given others, like you! May God bless you, and control your mind and skilled hands every day! Love you, Man! – Anonymous

Lance G

I love Dr. Lewis. I know 4 people used him before me and all had good results. But I had a disc replacement and he is the only one in the state who could put the disc type I got in. I have full range of motion with the replacement. – Lance G